Different Business Phone Systems (VoIP, IPPBX, Toll free number) Pros & cons -Choose best one

 Top 4 Business Phone Systems

1. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)  

  This Business Phone System is an innovation. VoIP enables its client’s voice conversations and other multimedia services over internet.  As opposed to the ordinary or simple phone lines. In VoIP, sound is embodied through a codec into information parcels. VoIP Business Phone System transmits them crosswise over IP network and at the flip side encloses them once again into sound.

VoIP is a method for conveying voice signals and mixed media benefit over the Internet. It is a progressive innovation that can possibly totally revamp the world’s phone working. You can make a free call VoIP by turning internet connection to the virtual network over

VoIP is a method for conveying voice signals and mixed media benefit over the Internet. It is a progressive innovation that can possibly totally revamp the world’s phone working. You can make a free call VoIP by turning internet connection to the virtual network over internet.

Wholesale VOIP ProvidersPros

  1. The biggest advantage for business is that using VoIP Business Phone System gives a larger number of highlights than conventional telephones.
  2. There are additionally such highlights as having the capacity to transform voice messages into email messages.
  3. Organizations can hold video conferencing, regardless where participants may be found. This for sure means lower cost and saving more time.
  4. By using VoIP you can make virtually everything you use to make on regular meetings, so it is very adjustable system.
  5. less expensive than making calls with traditional phones
  6. It is relatively simple to use and upgrade
  7. VoIP services can be very easily installed on your phone so talking and seeing with your overseas friends will now take you low bill costs.
  8. With using VoIP system you get more security than ever.
  9. It’s very easy and flexible to connect and integrate VoIP and other devices and systems.
  10. By Using VoIP business can make a group conference talk and have meetings in live.
  11. You can connect your VoIP and your door phone so you can open or lock the door with your mobile.
  12. VoIP gives you an opportunity to have the virtual phone number which doesn’t have to be assigned with your area code.


  1. VoIP works only with internet connection. You cannot use the phone if the internet goes down or without electrical power.
  2. Dialling 911 doesn’t work on a VoIP telephone and so VoIP calls for emergency are very hard to locate (be careful getting in trouble)


2. Toll-Free number(Free Business Phone System)

This Business Phone System is actually a free phone number that helps companies to serve better to their clients.  They came close to them no matter where they are. A toll free number is free of charge and companies make this toll free so they can easily reach new costumes so they can become their customers one day. Affordable TOLL FREE NUMBERS


  1. Having a toll free number provides bigger customer satisfaction and will leave them a good impression, so that will strength your brand and make you more credible and professional.
  2. Using toll-free number can also help to reach more customers thanks to the low cost effective
  3. Customer care and support
  4. Reducing cost with Toll free Business Phone System


  1. Having toll free number will face business with problems like the big number of unsolicited calls.


3. DID Number

DID remains for – Direct Inward Dialing (or DDI, Direct Dialing Inward in Europe). It Is an offer by phone organizations for use with their clients’ PBX framework, whereby the phone organization (telco) distributes a scope of phone numbers related to at least one telephone lines. DID enables an option for businesses to assign an individual number to every worker, without requiring a different physical telephone line, for each, to interface with the PBX.

DID Number ProvidersPros

  1. Having the capacity to follow your promoting results is essential to recognizing what systems were effective, and which were most certainly not. By allocating DID numbers to your distinctive advertising efforts, you can see precisely what the number of calls came from the campaign.
  2. With a DID number, guest is coordinated to one individual or a division. That implies guests with the DID number regularly show signs of improvement benefit. Not every person who calls a business needs an immediate line to administrators or specific help administrations, yet the individuals who do will value having the capacity to effortlessly achieve their proposed contract rapidly and effectively.
  3. You can buy local DID numbers for your business, for any area, regardless of whether you have really a presence there or not.



PBX has moved to IP correspondence and is currently utilizing protocols that can incorporate with other application. An IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange) is a PBX system that manages IP networks. An IP-PBX system incorporates at least one IP-telephones and one discretionary gateway to associate the current PSTN lines. PBX let attached phones to call one another, also connecting to other phone services like public phone network (PSTN) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services.


  1. IP-PBX technology includes improved communication characteristics like voicemail to email. It has the ability to manage to traditional PSTN lines. We can easily handle messaging and it’s using data IP networks to manage call switching.
  2. Having your own IP-PBX lower costs by time.
  3. It is very easy to install and setup than traditional phones.
  4. It is easy to care and move it according to your needs.
  5. Increases productivity with the ability to receive and listen to the messages.


  1. Can only support a small number of phones. So if you have a small business it will suit you fantastic. But when you start to grow it could cause some problems.



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