PBX Root provide efficient and feature-rich hosted VoIP, Toll-free number and DID number services. Whether you are a small startup business or a large multinational corporation, PBX Root can help you to make considerable savings in your company’s communication costs. We will streamline your business operations and increase employee productivity with the help of latest hosted VoIP services so that you can expand your client base and take your business to new heights.

Wholesale VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that allows users to make calls using the internet connection rather than the conventional or analog telephone lines.

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Toll Free Number

A toll-free number allows customers to reach your business and get their questions answered without being charged for the calls.

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DID Number

DID numbers are virtual numbers that allow you to route calls to your existing telephone lines. One number can route thousands of calls to the proper extensions.

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Hosted Dialer

Cloud-based dialers are becoming largely popular due to their increased flexibility, quick deployment, cost-effectiveness, and smaller technology footprint.

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