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We offer scalable and affordable pricing to perfectly fit your business requirements.

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Plan 1 !

$0/ month

Plan 2 !

$6/ month

Plan 3 !

$18/ month

Plan 4 !

$35/ month
Free Number 1 Standard Number 1 Standard or tollfree number 1 Standard or tollfree number
User Extension 2 user extension 1 user extension 1 user extension 1 user extension
Free Incoming & Outgoing
Unlimited Concurrent Calls
Call Transfer
Call Forwarding
Find Mr/Follow Me
Music on Hold
Call Monitoring/ Barge In
Voicemail to mail
Mutiple Layer IVR
Free Credit 2$ 3$ 4$
Call Recording
Minutes for Incoming Calls 800 1500
Call Queuing
Call Conference
Data Records for Life Time Life Time Life Time Life Time
Forward to Device
Time Condition
Welcome Message
Call Block


  1. After total free minutes of all user combined, incoming call charges will apply.
  2.  Forward Calls to Multiple Devices. Smart Call forwarding charges are applicable.
  3.  Get all your users free and pay only for the calls. Contact us at sales@pbxroot.com
  4.  We have a 30 day billing cycle and your next billing date will be 30 days from the account activation date.
  5.  These plans incoming from USA 48 States and Canada