Terms of Service

Terms of Service:- These terms and conditions for PBX Root are a legal agreement between PBX Root (owned by PBXROOT LIMITED) and you (representing either as an entity or an individual). The service comprises of new products, up gradations in existing services, support, and other services. You are entitled to receive the services only upon validation of an authorized payment.

NOTE: We hold no responsibility for the following:

1. Any problems that arise as a result of interrupted internet connection.
2. We will not contact any third party service provider on your behalf.
3. Any issues with your local hardware/software being used by you or any entity of your company.

At any time, PBX Root can alter the elements of a particular plan. Customers will be notified immediately on making any alterations in the service features. This may include the address changes concerns caused by clients such as violation of fair usage policies corresponding to unlimited plans. Also, any government associated modifications as applicable to VoIP service providers can lead to increase in the prices which in turn can raise the VoIP services prices, and also modifications can be done relating to including/eliminating any specific international calling destinations at any specific time based upon legal agreement. PBX Root holds the right to adjust the components of a plan any time, to enhance and modify features of the service plan, considering that such modifications are applied consistently to customers situated in same locations.

Section 1: Payment & Services

1.1 Automatic Monthly Billing

Services offered are on monthly basis, with an automated monthly renewal unless notified for cancellation prior to scheduled billing date as mentioned in section 2. You abide to us, for paying PBX Root the recurring monthly usage charges and service charges, if applicable, for usage of any services in addition to associated taxes as defined in taxes section below.

1.2 Payment Processing

To avail our services, it is mandatory to provide a valid payment mode and email address. Any changes in the payment means and email address must be notified immediately. Failure to comply with the same, authorize us to terminate the services without any notification to the customers. Please remember that all transactions are charged in U.S. dollars (USD).

1.3 Applicable Taxes

Service price do not comprise any sales, use, excise, state, local, customs duties, export or import, federal, public utility, any value added, universal service or other related taxes. Monthly charges will be applicable to every phone number allotted under your account – this is a regulatory recovery fee to equalize charges incurred by PBX Root in compliance with the constraints and inquiries enforced by state, federal and municipal regulatory governments/ bodies and the associated billing and legal expenses. This is a regulatory recovery fee applicable to all the assigned phone numbers comprising, virtual and toll-free numbers and is not assessed by any government.

1.4 Requests for Call Logs

Administrator or authorized user can request for any information associated with your account in regard to actual call log details and customer service record. The requested information will be provided to the customers on the email address provided.

1.5 Any Invoice Conflicts

All invoices are sent through emails. Within 30 days PBX Root must be notified about any billing problems. Failing to comply with the same, PBX Root holds the right to wave off your right to dispute over such concerns or problems.

Section 2: Cancellation and Service Use Restrictions

The services can be cancelled at any time, provided that PBX Root must be informed at least 72 hours in advance by contacting the customer support during normal business hours. On cancellation of services, an email notification will be sent. In case you do not receive it, kindly contact PBX Root customer support.

2.1 Usage Restrictions

All features covered under service plan are for judicious business use and compatible with the patterns of usage by specific customers on the all business calling plans. Services may be terminated in case any unauthorized or excessive use beyond permitted limit is found. As, any unauthorized use causes disruption in the services network leading to increased busy signals for other users. In any way, the services taken must not be offered commercially or in any way must not hinder with the services, users or appliances of the network. Also, using any software program or device to bypass any technical measures deployed to control unauthorized access to services is strictly barred.

2.2 Termination of Numbers

In case of any account cancellation or termination of services, you authorize us to release all telephone numbers linked to your account. Similarly, any individual services cancellation which has linked telephone numbers will lead to release of such telephone numbers. We take into consideration that prior to termination of account or services; it is your responsibility to contact the third party provider to port out such numbers.

Section 3: Necessary Authorization to Access Services

Necessary credentials used by softphones, telephones and administrators, end users must be secured by customer to access the PBX Root interface. Besides this, customer must also secure media access control (MAC) address of telephones used by them. PBX Root holds no responsibility to deal with any kind of fraud that arises as a result of placing telephones on an IP address which is publicly accessible and has not been secured by employing best security practices.

3.1 Law Compliance

You agree that all services deployed are solely for business requirement and comply with all laws applicable in the jurisdictions in which the services are used, comprising, but not confined to, relevant restrictions associated with copyright and other intellectual property rights related to call monitoring, call forwarding, call transferring and/or direct telemarketing or marketing. If required, guidelines on applicable compliances can be provided by the PBX Root. But, you solely hold the responsibility to ensure that use of services is in compliance with such regulations.

Section 4: Information Privacy And Service Change

4.1. Personal Information and Privacy

PBX Root uses the internet and third party networks to provide data & voice services to customers. Accordingly, PBX Root cannot guarantee the security of your voice and data communications. PBX Root is committed to respect the privacy of users. If you accept to provide your personal information, it will only be used in the context of your relationship with PBX root. We never sell, rent, or lease your personal information to others.

4.2. Notification of Service Changes

PBX Root may send you and your employee’s emails from time to time describing about the new or changed Services, and how to access them, to the email addresses you provide to us. You are responsible to go through the same and contact customer support if you have any questions regarding the same. Failure to contact us regarding the same shows your acceptance of the changes and PBX Root is not liable for any dispute arising due to this.

Section 5: Refund Policy

PBX Root believes in complete customer services so don’t hesitate to give us a feedback if you don’t’ like the services. So through this policy we’re promising full refund under certain conditions. As PBX Root provides prepaid services so client can stop the services at any time.

Let’s clarify by giving you a little example: Suppose if you have 100 USD balance in your account and you have used 40 USD out of it then you’re liable to take a refund of rest 60 USD at any time.

It’s very easy to understand out refund policy and we don’t charge any service tax if customer don’t like our services.

Why we’re doing this because:

We want you to believe in our product & services which is used by thousands of customers every day.

We keep improving our services to ensure a complete satisfaction towards call management.

Please note:

  1. This policy is valid for non-toll free numbers without any customization.
  2. This policy is not applicable on subscriptions bought at discounted prices.
  3. For refund, we expect your account doesn’t make excessive usage exceeding Fair Usage Policy.